Chairman of the Board, Director General
of Public Joint Stock Corporation «Nikopol Ferroalloys Plant»,
Mr. V.S. Kutsin’s Appeal

On March 06, 2009, 43 years have passed since Nikopol Ferroalloys Plant’s foundation date. The enterprise is considered to be the leader of Ukraine ferroalloy industry by right. The unique staff being capable of solving grave industrial, technical and social problems was formed here.

Starting November 2008 the plant was having strong negative effect of global financial and economic recession. The decision of production delay was accepted, the investment projects were blocked, and the staff had to take a forced downtime.

But Nikopol Ferroalloys Plant employees’ character is that they do not give up in face of difficulties. High skilled staff, its moral maturity and their ability to solve difficult tasks during hardships helped to survive the recession.The developed anti-recession measures included rationing of energy supply and material resources, products cost reduction, etc. These measures have been applied steadily to work. The anti-recession program has mobilized the employees and has begun to pay for itself. By increasing production capacity all over months the plant has produced more than 65 thousand tons of ferroalloys in July. Ferroalloys plant employees’ social services are completely recovered, and the plant is already able to work on both investment and environmental projects.

Nikopol Ferroalloys Plant is an urban development enterprise. It is the large-scale industrial and social complex in Nikopol. There is a modern Medical/ Healthcare Service Department, Palace of Culture, Sports Facilities, Children Sanatoriums on the Black Sea coast and various Recreation Departments here. In spite of difficulties caused by the recession, the plant has accomplished the first stage of its Healthcare Center remodeling where the plant employees receive healthcare.

Any business strength lies in strong people. All of us, workers, technical and engineering employees, and managers have passed professional qualification test, have proved our devotion to the plant. Getting over the recession gradually, we enter a new phase of our development and looking forward to effective activity. Having real industrial prospects, we will work over social program development. We were true to and we stand by our main principle: the staff works with actual efficiency, and the plant takes care of every worker.

Ferroalloys plant employees look in the future with certainty. They are full of energy, able and like to work well. And I am sure our staff is capable to manage any grave problems. Nikopol electrometallurgists have proved it more than once.

Chairman of Board,
Director General
of Public Joint Stock Corporation
«Nikopol Ferroalloys Plant»